Flecto unlocks new customers and greater success for a Portuguese rental cleaning business

Flecto unlocks new customers and greater success for a Portuguese rental cleaning business

EH Soluções Integradas has been operating in the Portuguese market as a leading supplier of commercial and industrial cleaning equipment ever since 2006. Not only do they sell cleaning equipment for all types of sets, occasions, and audiences, but their main focus has also been on renting equipment in order to fulfill the needs of users who require a short-term solution for cleaning and do not wish to spend a lot of money on it.

Operating mostly in the wide region of Lisbon and its outskirts, EH Soluções’s philosophy for renting relies on five core pillars: adequacy of equipment to all circumstances; access to equipment whenever needed; exemption of storage on the user side; guarantee of optimal maintenance; and cost control, as renting is known to be much cheaper than buying.

The company rents its equipment to other businesses as well as individual consumers. Their main concern was to generate more B2C (Business to Consumer) leads, having an increasing number of customers joining this consumption model, which would then imply the usage of an optimized platform that could help them manage all their operations seamlessly.

Well… here comes Flecto!

One platform to do it all

There are various pain points within EH Soluções’ business model that ended up being resolved or enhanced with the arrival of Flecto. First and foremost, all operations are performed using traditional tools. Excel and Calendar from Microsoft are used to track ongoing and future bookings, while e-mail and phone calls are the resources to keep in touch with clients. All information regarding each booking is sent via a PDF document. This means, though their approach to customers is still highly personal, information can be found in different places and has barely no automations behind it.

Flecto is helping the company to keep all data in one single place, namely in terms of inventory management, customer base, and bookings. With one platform, EH Soluções is able the track the availability and overbooking of each item, as well as create customer profiles even if they don’t end up performing a rental. All customer data and communications are stored in Flecto, giving EH Soluções the possibility to track their history and keep the entire process more organized. The company is proud to maintain a close relationship with its customers and finds more availability to do so by freeing time spent on rental management.

What about security?

Secondly, their security process is also carried out in a traditional way that could easily benefit from digitalization. EH Soluções relies on a rental contract that all customers had to sign while at the same time providing a copy of their ID document. Very few rental bookings include insurance, as all responsibilities are already laid out in the contract itself. This is a one-time task for Flecto, as the platform allows the storage of documents which can be reused for the same customer over and over. Additionally, Flecto also enables the addition of insurance and a respective, customizable value for each rental whenever EH Soluções feels like it might be needed. As such, the company and its customers spend less time going through documents and higher security is ensured depending on the scale and risk of each booking.

Cash is indeed king

Last but not least, the company handles all payments through card transfer, are were done at pick-up for short-term rentals and at delivery for long-term ones. They continue to do so but the process is now much more flexible, as Flecto allows the register of payments — either to receive or return — at any given point of the rental process. Additionally, the entire process is again very transparent, as any update regarding payments is shared with the customer on time using either e-mail or a transactional URL known as Flecto Link. This feature is a single URL that is shared between businesses and its customers with all the information regarding a specific booking: rented inventory, booking and payment status, and business’s contacts.

Becoming a rising star

EH Soluções saw a record number of around 10 to 15 rentals per month. Flecto is now able to support the company on this new chapter by driving campaigns towards Flecto Market, our listing rental catalog which features all items from our business partners. As such, EH Soluções finds their entire inventory listed in one single place and is even able to drive more traffic thanks to Google Search targeted ads and a new, special focus on individual consumers.

Ever since the introduction of Flecto, the company saw a rise in their bookings, namely when it comes to renting washing machines and stock cleaning equipment. EH Soluções has unlocked an exciting approach for their business, where they are still able to maintain operation-as-usual with existing clients but also welcome revenue from new clients. By having all the essentials in one single platform and spending less time managing their entire flow, the company is now looking forward to a future where customer satisfaction from a rising number of renters comes first.

And Flecto couldn’t be prouder to be part of this journey.

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