Everything you need to know about Flecto

Everything you need to know about Flecto

Flecto is the platform that helps your business unlock its rental operations by centralizing everything you need in a single platform: from managing stock, payments and insurance.

To support a new generation of people and businesses redefine consumer habits, we’re reimagining ownership for a sustainable future.

What does Flecto do?

Flecto makes the rental experience faster and safer for both the company and the end customer. More than that, Flecto unlocks sustainable models by helping companies thrive in the circular economy and encourages them to do good business better. And we help companies connect and reach out to a new generation of consumers, who value access over ownership.

We currently operate mostly in Portugal and Spain. We have 150 clients, from rental companies to large retailers with >1Bn€ in revenue that want to implement rental/circular models, or even equipment distributors, such as ComercialFoto.

And we’re pretty sure that there will be more to come soon. After all, we believe that over the next few years, being able to own will be much less important than being able to use. Consumer habits will change to privilege access to an item rather than ownership, because it’s easier on the wallet and on the planet.

So rental companies and traditional retailers don’t just have a great responsibility to lead this change: they’ll find that they have a massive opportunity too.

How does Flecto work?

Flecto is both easy and intuitive: the moment a company has its account and uploads its inventory, it can start managing all its rentals and inventory in a single platform. All the day-to-day tools that a rental business had to use — or that a business wanting to start renting had to acquire and get familiar with — suddenly get reduced to one: Flecto.

Registering any item is super flexible and the experience is very, very customizable. We make digitally scanning ID documents, collecting payment, adding services and/or deposits, subscribing to professional insurance — both easy, quick and safe.

In the end, once one of your items gets requested, you just send a dynamic Flecto Link to your customer, they open it, authorize payment and it’s done. Sounds easy enough, right?

What’s the new Flecto brand all about?

We believe that we can create positive change and make a difference. Flecto isn’t just a new direction for us: it’s a new direction for businesses, and for the economy in general. That’s where the name comes from: Flecto, in Latin, is all about a change in direction — a curve or a pivot if you will.

With the help of design-studio Burocratik, we made sure the rest of brand also represented what we believe in. That’s why we went with a strong, green palette: representing both the digital nature of our business, but also our belief that we can make the world greener. Or even better: that we are making the world greener every day we come to work, every new business we get to start renting, every product that gets reused.

And even if you look closely at the logo, you’ll see it reflects our product too. It’s formed by server rectangles creating an F, but it’s modular representing just how focused we are on making the experience customizable and flexible to every use case. You can break it down and play around with it to create an almost endless number of variations.

Not to get too geeky, but even our primary typeface was carefully chosen to add a layer to this story. It’s called Aeonik Pro and we love that it’s clean, well-crafted and instantly recognizable — but at the same time, it has a neutral character to it. That neutral character means that it doesn’t steal the spotlight from the businesses: they’re the heroes in this story.

We want them — we want you — to feel like this is your app, as much as it is our. That it is your story. And that story, friend, is about to begin.

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